We will not sell or share any of your information as we've already explained in our terms of use. We would not want our personal information sold, therefore we will not do it with yours.

At Thanks for my life we hope to maintain our business afloat through PREMIUM subscriptions.

Yes. You can eliminate or edit your inner circle at any time. An illness, accident, separation, conflict of interest, or even death are all reason why you should always keep your inner circle list up to date.

This is a fundamental factor to assure the proper functioning of the platform when the time comes and therefore is it your responsibility to keep it up to date.

In a simple way. The person will receive an email and when clicks on the button to confirm the request, will take they to the site having to login with their account. From there, they can accept or decline the request.

If they are not already registered in the platform, they should do it first.

Currently we send these messages via email.

You should make sure that the email address listed for each recipient is their current email, and that you maintain the list updated as we have no way of knowing whether or not the email address is active.

Additionally if there is any modification that you know of, or you'd like to delete a message, add another or edit... you can do that at any time.

When we send a request from our My representatives section, that person receives an email informing of our intentions.

In any case, we recommend that before sending the request, talk to him/her to communicate and inform about the platform if they do not know it. 

We've set out to create an intuitive and user friendly experience.

Additionally every section includes an instructional video where we explain the main aspects to keep in mind when entering your information.

Our notification must be made by the people we have representative from their account. In order to do so, they have must previously accepted our request to be representative.

That is the reason it is essential to have a minimum of three people among to representatives because it is the number of notifications that should be received to activate the platform. 

In order to avoid "falses positives", the platform requires a minimum of three people to notify of your death in order to activate the service. Since it is of utmost importance that your loved ones receive the information as quickly as possible after your death, and we can not control quickly those you've selected can notify us, we recommend that you select between 5-6 people in your inner circle.

Either way there is no limit to how many you can select so the choice is up to you.

Even if you have completed the legal procedures to leave your last wishes, it means that your material things are assigned a legal heir but there are more things that your loss may involve in your inner circle.

Using any of the sections of Thanks for my life site will help you to leave everything you consider to be well resolved: your digital directive, last messages, farewell acts or even small objects without conditioning your previous testament.

There is no area of the site that is mandatory. You can even decide to use the platform for only those areas that are of interest of you. By registering on the site you are not obligated to pay or use the service.

We are very aware of the sensible nature and importance of the information you upload to our platform.

Our primary goal is to safeguard your information with the latest technology at our disposal in order to avoid that your data could land in the hands of third parties.

Among the measures we take, your data is stored encrypted and in separate servers so that no one can access it.

Every region has its own legislation and norms regarding the issues we cover: organ donation, last wishes, advanced directives...

We recommend that each user be informed and seek legal or professional counsel regarding what additional actions need to be taken when using the platform so that all purposes be covered legally.

As long as these actions are not taken for the sections of the platform that fall under specific legislation the information entered in the site will be considered as our last wishes and desires.

Of course we will do everything possible and strive for this to never be the case.

In the event that we are obligated to shut down the site, PREMIUM users will be offered the opportunity to download all information entered in a ZIP file and we will maintain the service active until every last PREMIUM user's contract has been brought to completion. As of that moment we will erase all the information from our database in a secure matter.

Once the platform receives notification of your death from three selected inner circle individuals, we send the messages to the selected recipients and the rest of the information entered to those you've chosen. 

They have 15 days to download the information through the link we've provided to them. After the time provided has run its course, we will proceed to delete in a secure and irreversible matter all of the information you've added to your account in order to preserve and safeguard your personal integrity.

When one of your selected inner circle notifies the platform of your death you will receive an alert message so that you can cancel the notification at any time. However, if three notifications are received without cancellation, then the service will be activated...

We recommend that you not share information with your selected inner circle of who you've chosen in order to prevent undesirable situations or malicious intent.

While you are alive, no one. Only you have access to your account, unless you share your login information, something we recommend that you never do.

Only under two circumstances will your information be shared. The QR Code section, which precisely is aimed at informing those that you've selected regarding your physical integrity and decisions by scanning the code. And secondly for PREMIUM users who select individuals to share your last wishes and advanced directives.

Once you've passed away, the messages that you've written will be sent out to designated recipients, and you can decide from your list of family and friends who will receive the rest of your personal information as we detail in the actual section.

The primary criteria is that they be intimate loved ones. They don't necessarily need to be a family member or spouse... Their mission is to alert the platform of your passing.

Once they've accepted your request to form part of your inner circle, you can decide if they should also should be included in the list of recipients to receive the information you've entered, or whether their only job is to notify of your passing.

If you select them as recipients of your personal information you should make sure that they will respect your last wishes, and we recommend that these conditions be spoken about before their selection.

If you can’t find an answer to your question contact us at thanks@thanksformylife.com