How it works?

1. Register

Registration is FREE.

A pay model exists (PREMIUM), which provides additional benefits in each section including additional information. The annual price is 9.99€ + tax.

2. Select and confirm your circle

Within the are of My Circle, you must select a minimum of three people; nevertheless there is no maximum of people that can be responsible to notify the platform of your death when the time comes.

We recommend they be intimate relationships however they need not be direct family. Additionally we recommend that you have previously expressed your wishes and desires directly to them so that when the time comes you can be assured they will respect the directives you’ve left on the platform Thanks for my life.

When a member of your circle accepts your request, in addition to notifying of your death you can select if they should receive access to all of the information you have entered in the platform upon your passing, except for the last notifications meant for specific recipients in order to preserve your privacy.

The members of your circle that receive your information upon your death will be sent an email with a document attached of all sections arranged in a user friendly format.

3. Add your details

Once you’ve registered you will have at your disposal various sections on the site where you can enter all the information you want your loved ones to receive upon your death.

All areas on the site are optional allowing you to only enter the information you feel is most important.

Allows you to prepare posthumous messages for your selected circle that will be sent to them once we receive notification of your passing.

The messages will be sent directly to the recipients.

In the FREE version you can leave a message to be distributed to up to 20 different people. The PREMIUM version includes an unlimited amount of personalized messages and the ability to attach files (images, videos, audios, presentations…).

All content and recipients can be edited at any time.

In this section you can select whether to be an organ donor and/or donate your corneas, give your body to scientific research, burial or cremation instructions and where you’d like your final resting place to be etc.

This information will be shared with your circle so they know your final wishes and will help them take important decisions in what is normally a highly emotional time.

In the PREMIUM version you can also attach documents to reinforce your written requests.

All registered users will have at their disposal a personalized QR code. This QR code leads to a public view where details such as contact information, blood type, allergies, known medications, etc. and can be set up and saved.

The goal is that it be activated in case of emergency by all persons that have access: emergency personnel and/or medical staff, first responders, police, witnesses etc.

We recommend that you carry the QR code in a controlled but visible area (wallet, phone wallpaper, sticker on your helmet…), so that the first responder can obtain the information as quickly as possible.

Envisioned as a last will and testament but more specifically for the little things with high sentimental value. A t-shirt, a watch, a painting, a photograph, a ticket stub, a guitar, a phone, a piece of jewelry… You can leave behind as a memento posthumously all those items or belongings to the those in our circle as a keepsake to keep your memory alive.

In order for everything in the site to have legal status we will create a document to include all the information that has been added to date for you to be able to print and have notarized and certified by a lawyer.

In the FREE model you have at your disposal up to 10 mementos/keepsakes whereas in the PREMIUM model the amount is unlimited and you can attach supporting documents (photographs, videos, invoices, guarantees…).

In this section you can create a document that is meant for dual-purpose. On one hand it will communicate to your medical team how to act in specific circumstances in case of incapacitation (including degenerative illnesses, advances stage illness…)

Additionally it allows you to designate a legal representative who will act on your behalf should the need arise.

In order to certify the document as legal, once you have entered the information in each section the document needs to be signed by the legal representative and three witnesses.

In the PREMIUM version your circle will be able to access the document saved on the site to consult if it becomes necessary.

You can decide how you’d like your memorial service to be carried out. The type of ceremony, the location, if you’d like to leave behind scriptures or writings to be read, preparations, music… This way you can simplify the arrangements as much as possible for our loved ones and assure that you last wishes are fulfilled as you envisioned.

In the PREMIUM version you can add as many ceremonial acts for your service as well as attach documents (photos, videos, presentations…).

This area allows you to leave awareness of your social media accounts and how you’d like for them to be handled upon your death: deleted, posts or posthumous note, maintain the site active for friends…

Since this information is highly sensitive as it includes user names and more importantly passwords, we recommend that is lieu of writing down the actual password, you leave a keyword/hint that will help your circle easily deduct the information once they’ve received it.

In the FREE version you can add up to 5 online accounts whereas in the PREMIUM version it is unlimited and includes the possibility of attaching documents (posts, photos, images, videos…).

This area is devoted to your current financial / economic state and can include bank statements, pension plans, life/death insurance, credit statements and debts… It is meant to help in the process of inheritance acceptance and avoid any surprises regarding financial status.

In the FREE version you are limited to 5 plans whereas the PREMIUM version allows for unlimited plans and the option to attach documents (contracts, policies, mortgages…).

In the same way that you need to select a circle in order to activate this service your loved ones will also need to create their circle giving you the possibility to be selected by them.

In this section you will see a list of pending requests that you can either accept or decline. Once you’ve accepted a request you can decline at any time the task of having to notify that person’s death.

4. Activate the platform in case of death

Your selected circle is responsible for the notification of your death. In order to avoid an error or false positive the platform does not consider confirmation of death until at least three of your selected circle confirms your passing. Until then no notifications will be sent out.

Once the platform has been activated in the event of your death, the communications will be sent only to those selected recipients and the rest of the information entered into the site will be received via email by those you’ve chosen as recipients.