Cookie Policy

1. What are cookies and how are they used on our site?

A cookie is a small text file used by websites which are sent to your device (PC, Smartphone, tablet…) and stored when you use your browser to navigate a website n order to help the site track your visits and activity and save important information about your visit.

Like the majority of websites and platforms, Thanks for my life, S.L. uses cookies to:

The use of cookies helps us to arrange content to match your preferred interests and improve your experience on the site by adapting the information and services offered based on those preferences. The sites of Thanks for my life, S.L. use cookies to help you access the site’s full functionality and improve your user experience and navigation on the site. Cookies are identified only as an anonymous user in your device and do not transfer or facilitate the identification of any personal data. At any time you can change your cookie settings in your browser and decline to accept any cookie installation requests sent by our websites. By declining a cookie request it will not affect your access to the information you’ve entered. It may however result in digital services not working as intended.

Upon completing your registration and once you’ve signed in with your login details, you will be able to access services in your settings to adapt the service based on you preferences and the information you provided during registration as well as the cookies saved in your browser.

2. How can I manage my cookie settings?

By visiting our site you are authorizing the use of cookies and therefore accepting the conditions set forth in the cookie policy. Thanks for my life provides access to this cookie policy once you’ve registered with the intended purpose of keeping you informed without taking away your right to block, eliminate or refusing the use of cookies at any time. Likewise we inform you that cookies are not necessary for navigation of the site and therefore you can block or disable them using your browser settings which allows you to block the installation or deactivate some or all cookies. Practically all browsers advise of the presence of cookies and allow you to automatically decline them. If you block the cookie installation you can continue to navigate the site, however some services may be limited and your overall experience could be adversely affected.

How can I block or allow cookies?

At any time you can choose which cookies to allow during your session through: