Privacy policy

1. Introduction

Thank you for trusting in Thanks for my life!

We’d like to offer a valuable service for you and your loved ones especially in your time of need. For this reason we require a series of authorizations that need your consent as the information being treated is highly sensitive. Since we take your privacy seriously we’d like to be as respectful as possible by explaining in clear terms how we treat your information, how we gather and house the information and most of all how we will not share it with third parties unless required by law.

2. Area of application and responsibility

The privacy policy applies to all personal data gathered by THANKS for my Life S.L and on our site. For any questions regarding our privacy policy please contact us at

3. Purpose of management and legal basis

Thanks for my life S.L manages your data in an automated and encrypted fashion which prohibits anyone from accessing the data outside of the information which appears in your profile and which can only be accessed in certain circumstances by authorized personnel in the company and never by third parties. Your data is used for the following reasons: to provide the service which is the basis of the platform, resolution of inquiries made via email, communications sent for the necessary functions of the platform and / or queries requested in our forms for this purpose as well as for job offers and through our newsletter. This management of data will be applied only after consent and acceptance of the privacy policy.

4. Communication of data

At Thanks for my life S.L. we commit to not communicate your personal information to third parties for their use unless otherwise subpoenaed for legal reasons and the authorize governing body. As mentioned in the previous section the only information we can share without consent is profile information (city, age…) and only for statistical and analytical reasons and in no case using identifiers such as names and surname which could compromise your identification. For this reason the data requested in each section on the site is encrypted and we will work diligently to protect your information as well as prevent access by any malware or fraudulent users.

5. Responsibility of data management

The management of your data will be carried out by an appropriate service that we have contracted. This service provider will only manage your data based on the variable outlined before and under strict instructions, vigorously complying within the legal boundaries set for in the privacy policy, treatment of data and other applicable laws. In no case will those responsible for the treatment of your information and our service provider use your information for any other purpose or share with third parties.

6. International data transfer

We manage your data wholly within the European Union and abiding by the laws set forth therefore not allowing for any transfer of data internationally.

7. Preservation term

We commit to preserving your personal information solely for the duration of time necessary to carry out the purpose of the service and the reason of your registration and gathering of data. In the event that you were to voluntarily close your account, something we hope does not happen, or in the case you switch back to the FREE model and data permitted in the PREMIUM model is lost, or in the event that your death is not notified, we will proceed to eliminate your data permanently and irreversibly within a period that is not to exceed 30 days. The permanent removal of your information will be done through all servers of Thanks for my life S.L. As for any other data obtained, we will remove the information in the legally set time periods: resolution of inquiries sent via email or web forms 5 years after contact, communications sent through web forms on the site inquiring about our services, or through our newsletter will also be within a period of 5 years after initial contact.

8. User rights

At any time you can exercise your right at no cost to access the site to, amend your information, remove or protect your information and limit the access to your data by sending an email to If at any point in time you feel your rights have been violated, or we may have violated rights not covered within data protection laws, you can file a claim to the Authority of Control, Spanish Data protection agency at the following address

9. Revocation of consent

Your acceptance of our management of your data can at any time be revoked, without any retroactive consequences. In order to revoke your consent please contact the Delegate of Data Protection via email at

10. Required nature of the requested information

The information gathered in each section are necessary to carry out the expressed function of the site. Therefore if this information is not provided or erroneous we may not be able to carry out the contracted service.

11. Automatic decisions

At THANKS for my Life, S.L. we elaborate profiles and / or statistics by utilizing the information that appears in your profile; at no point is data housed in the private areas used for this purpose as that information is encrypted. These statistics helps us make better automated decisions and allows us to adjust the communications sent to you and advertising that has been aligned based on your preferences. You have the right to request human intervention in the decisions, express your point of view and challenge any decision adopted by us.

12. Protective measures for your personal data

We will continue to reiterate that the confidentiality of your personal information is of utmost importance to us. We will apply all necessary tools online, technological and appropriate organizations in order to guarantee the highest level of security to safeguard any risk presented by the management of your data, elimination of your data, loss or accidental changes or misuse of the personal information you’ve facilitated, the information saved or managed, and any communication of unauthorized access to that data.

13. Protective measures for your personal data.

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